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Do not speak ill of the dead

Recently, I've been hearing on the news that a reality game show got suspended indefinitely as a result of a homicide investigation. Apparently, a contestant from the canceled show was suspected of killing his ex. At first, there was no mention of the gory details of how the homicide victim was bludgeoned, or prepared for disposal. And it wasn't until a few follow-up reports on the crime that a full disclosure on identification methods shed some light on breast implants with serial numbers.

The VH1 show MEGAN WANTS A MILLIONAIRE is self explanatory. One woman seeks millionaire hubby to be trophy wife to, and it goes without saying that a boring reality show would need to have some kind of angle to entice an otherwise bored audience. Be it a slogan like "a reality show to be watched under the influence of THC" or what currently is buzzing in Hollyweird. A picture of the contestants can be viewed on wikipedia. One fella out of the fast 16 stands out beyond the others. Suddenly the show seems interesting enough to tune in to, but regardless of opinions that early reports indicate… "Jenkins was a finalist in the series." if one looks discriminately at the group photo, it's plain to see who was most fit and best dressed. Now, try to envision a game show that glamorizes the obvious contestant favored to win and you have a show that can go one of two ways: happy ending, or tragic disappointment. The question of the day is could the materializing outcome of this reality show have had some influence in the tribulations of the qualifying bachelors
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