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How did you manage to memorize the zodiac?

I thought this was fun to try myself, but I couldn't figure out the numerical equivalents in Optuszoo's site. If you ever made some effort to try to memorize the zodiac order, you might find Charles57's technique cute and entertaining. My own definition of symbolically memorizing the zodiac order doesn't stray too far either.

I"ll start off by acknowledging that I always started the zodiac with the Pisces sign since it's my sun sign. Most astrologers consider it the last sign, but I guess you know that already.

  1. The ram thinks he is very strong and decides to butt the bull with its horns.

    I memorized Aries as the sign following my sign because my sister was born in April, under that sign.

  2. Inside the koliseum, The bull is chasing the twins and attacks them with one twin on each of the horns.

    The bull is something I simply related to the ram because of it's horns. Since I already knew Aries followed Pisces, it wasn't hard to correlate the similarities of Taurus with that of a horned animal.

  3. The twins are sitting either side of a large plate of beautiful cooked crabs.

    I guess the easiest way to explain how I memorized Gemini as the next sign is by envisioning the twins as matadors. Although many people consider a matador in a singular manner, I remember one or two bullfights in my youth and recall seeing multiple matadors running up to the bull to stick him with colorful sticks on it's back to provoke it before the real matador entered the arena.

  4. A crab is jumping up and biting the lion's tail.

    Cancer was always a sign I interpreted with the deadly illness, not the crab (at least for memorizing purposes). I suppose I thought of it that way because, in bullfights, there is always a death at the end. So, there could be no other zodiac to follow Taurus but cancer (death).

  5. Back in the coliseum the lion is mauling a young virgin/woman.

    I always held high esteem for Leos because Lions being considered king of the jungle meant power to me. But no matter how much power a person has, surviving cancer can be nigh impossible. I memorized Leo after Cancer by symbolically comparing his bravery to that of a bull in a bullfight. Cancer separates as a sort of referee.

  6. A naked young lady is holding a pair of scales in front of her, with one breast on each scale pan.

    Leo was a virgin too at some time in his life. Hence, Virgo follows Leo

  7. A pair of scales is filled with scorpions.

    Libra rhymes with zebra, Leo's favorite food (just a hop, or a skip and a jump away)

  8. Lots of scorpions in each of the pans of the scales.

    Scorpio, being a water sign, holds more meaning to me than the other signs because of the compatibility factor. That I memorized it to follow the Libra sign is a miracle. I had a hard time with this one, but I would always fall back on how the water signs are separated from each other by three signs. In other words, if one wanted to figure out which signs are the earth signs or the air signs, one could do so by counting every fourth sign starting with the sign you know the element of. Whew, that was complicated.

  9. Lots of scorpions are jumping up to the archer (who is half horse). The scorpions are biting his tail, and his arrow and bow.

    I've almost never been able to memorize Sagittarius. You might even say that I just happened to fit it into the right slot by pure luck, because of the similarities I see between it and Capricorn. You don't see any similarities. Oh well, I guess it's just me, then.

  10. The archer is shooting an arrow in the backside of the goat.

    The meaning I have for Capricorn developed over the years. The way I memorize it's position in the calendar now is by remembering that Jesus Christ would've been a Capricorn. Why should I remember that? I'm glad you asked. Growing up, I was a terrible student. Had I been an A student or even a B student, I probably would've read all the King Arthur books there were for my reading level. But I didn't and it wasn't until I landed a job in a library that I finally became interested in reading, but King Arthur was to fairytale for me.

    A friend suggested reading the history of the Knights Templar. In so doing, I stumbled onto a portion of their history where they are digging thru the ruins of Solomons Temple in search for the remains of their Lord Jesus Christ. Instead, what they say they had found, was a goat's head; hence, what I think was the development of the baphomet.

  11. The goat is drinking some water from a large pot being held by a lady (the water carrier).

    Aquarius has always been the first sign of the zodiac for me, in correlation to the calendar year. That it sounds so much like the word aquarium helped me to remember it preceded Pisces.

  12. Inside the pot of water are two silvery, shiny fish. Two large fish are on top of the sheep's back.

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