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Notes on my read

I'm currently involved with reading a book about journalism. It's very intense. It's hard to explain, but the book I'm reading consists of 478 pages. That's 94 pages less than the novel by Stieg Larsson and I can guarantee you that it will take me longer to finish reading than the novel took me. There are passages in the book, like quotes or historical facts, that I just want to ponder over until I can grasp the case in point Guttenplan attempts to parlay. In so doing, I take notes on a blank sheet of paper that I use as a make shift book mark.

Baruch Feinstein (b.1876) born in Gronov Ukrain

… on a lot beside the Friends School on Haddon Avenue down past the cemetery…
The cemetery was just across the street from the rear of our store… p.9

Other boys collected toy soldiers or marbles or stamps. The pride of young Isadore's collection was a facsimile edition in color of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Nine years old during WWI, Izzy was Mom's favorite

"Why not give the president the powers of a premier?"
"Give him the power to dissolve Congress and ask for another election."

So when Izzy asked if he could go to Boston to cover the executions of the celebrated anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti, scheduled for August 10, the city editor turned him down.

The French coalition—winner of the parliamentary elections of May 1936, with the Socialist Léon Blum as prime minister—may have lacked the utopian zeal of Spanish Republicans who first came to power in 1931, lost a bitterly fought election two years later, and, after forming a coalition that extended from anarchists through Socialists and Communists to Basque and Catalan nationalists, returned to power in January 1936.

But after all this had happened, for Abelard Stone to use the July 1933 issue of Calverton's magazine as the venue for his own endorsement of the Communist Party line that finance capital "must… inevitably stand behind the throne of the Republican and Democratic parties, behind Socialists if they come to power, behind any party that proposes to work within the framework of capitalism" verges on the perverse.
What are we to make, then, of Abelard Stone? Peter Abelard—medieval scholastic, partisan of rational inquiry, who fell in love with his pupil Héloïse, seduced her, secretly married her after their son was born, and was castrated by her uncle—joined with Stone, an abbreviation (mutilation?) of Fienstein. p.65 chapter: Publishers apprentice
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