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Here is the situation

Where I work, there are three dudes, counting myself. That's right, three only. Out of 12 employees, that comes out to 1⁄4. One of our employees is transferring to another location. Guess what‽…

In other news
Yesterday I didn't have time to grab my morning cup of coffee. So I made myself an espresso. I forgot that I can drink espressos as long as I drink plenty of liquids throughout the day, my preferred method of watering down the caffeine. So all day long, plus today, my side is aching. I don't want to say they're kidney stones, though my doctor would probably, because if I did, I would probably seek remedies like applying a subsonic vibrating gizmo to my kidney area in hopes that the kidney stones would break up into little pieces small enough to pass the next time I take a weewee.

Today we're having an after hours get together. I don't really want to go. I'm the shy, quiet type and if I don't have a couple drinks, I'm a complete zombie. I can't drink because my kidneys are still working on yesterday's caffeine. I'm going to drink plenty of water today to see how I feel by six o'clock.


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