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E.T. (extra terrestrial)

A customer just came in and one of the DVDs in their selection was E.T. It reminded me of the day when that movie was just released. I wanted to see that movie so bad, I ended up going with my mom. The embarrassing part is this: we had gone to the Eagle Rock Plaza (when they still had a theater there) and we were sitting on one of the benches waiting for the time to get closer to the start of the movie. Out of nowhere, my gf shows up. I don't even remember introducing her to my mom, damn it! What a terrible boyfriend I was. There i was saying hi to her in front of my mom and I didn't think to introduce her, or did I? My memory is fuzzy.

All I can remember back then was having plans to take my gf to a movie somewheres in HLWD, but because I didn't know how to drive, I asked me dad to give me a lift. Our signals got crossed and, as it turned out, I felt stood up. My memories of growing up are full of these kinds of let downs (what I remember of them).

This was that same relationship that went sour after my gf's friends accused me of cheating on her. (Eons ago, and that's still bothering me.) So timid was I with her, that I could only muster an "OK" when she broke it off. On the one hand, I would deny the accusation, and on the other hand, I was like if you wanted to have sex with me, why didn't you just tell me, because that really is what the whole disagreement was about in the first place.

Somebody told me that men are in their sexual prime at that age, and here I was in a sexless relationship. I'm sure women reading this would say, "serves you right. You just don't cheat on your gf" and I'm puzzled as to how that can be misconstrued as cheating. Sex is one thing, love is something else. If I'm in a relationship with somebody I love, if I'm getting boners left and right, but that relationship is showing no satisfaction, then finding somebody willing to put out isn't cheating. Somebody has to agree with me that if my gf split up with me because I was fucking somebody else, then obviously she was upset that I wasn't having sex with her. Right?
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