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The pressure is on

      Today at work I was approached by a foreigner eager to check out some DVDs. Her accent seemed Indian. Right away, she accused me of not knowing my job when I informed her that her balance limit was exceeded. My boss came out to talk with her and whatever magical quality that my boss emits, the low, low balance of $6.00 was taken care of immediately. The sorry witch forgot her card too. Ha-ha! Poetic justice in motion.
      I cleaned out my closet the other day and found some library books dating back to 1985. Went out in the rain and dropped them into a bookdrop. Next day, I was at that same branch for training purposes. The computers at work are all furnished with MS Publisher. Full of confidence after the pow-wow, I managed to take a page from the Intranet and alter it enough to crop the logo for my own documents.
      I haven't gotten reimbursed from what's her face. I'm so glad I don't work this weekend. After next week, I'll have two weeks of freedom from that hell.
      Why did I think the pressure is on? Oh yes, the books in my closet were all comic books, and you know how political cartoonists have a price on their heads. This disgruntled woman with the videos really stirred me up. Then, a call comes in from a guy who sees on the Internet that an item on his record is still showing NOT returned. He says he used the bookdrop. Hah, I can tell you stories about bookdrops but I've been conditioned to keep silent. Apparently civil service workers have no freedoms in speech.
      Anyway, the caller about the overdue item says to me that he returned said book on Sunday, but I get confused because he starts his inquiry leading me to believe he was disputing his balance for items already returned. He apparently has a balance of $1.00+ so I begin my spiel on how people save so much money when they use the library as opposed to buying their reading material from Barnes and Noble. As I attempt to lead into the concept that ten books borrowed at a library resulting in $5.00 to $10.00 in fines is not comparable with the amount those ten books would've cost had they been purchased from a bookstore. But I was interrupted because he was calling about something totally different. I gave him the other spiel and he took my name. It's nice to be famous, even if I am considered a bad political cartoonist.

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