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Bier de Stone

      Entertainment Magazine has their predictions for the 2006 Academies. Though I haven't read it, according to the tables, it's obvious to see who is not getting the best supporting actress award. The only film that I got to see from the list is Capote and I sat thru that only because I thought Catherine Keener resembled my mom at that age. The numbers are showing big difference between the gross total of Brokeback Mountain, at $73 million, to Capote, at $22 million.
      I never cared so much about these minor details before as I do now that I'm reading more articles on entertainment from the local newspaper. I only just watched the arrivals to catch the interviews, switching back and forth between CBS, NBC and ABC . And as much as I would've liked to have seen Brokeback Mountain, I just haven't gotten around to it. I recall the night I went to see Capote and was disappointed at all the empty seats, though I'd gone during the limited release in L.A. and New York. So now what I'm wondering is if all the money that Brokeback has grossed in ticket sales isn't a result of all the females who went to see that movie. After all, it's common knowledge that women out number men in this country.

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