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Can't sleep

So I thought I would reflect on the current events as heard on network TV & radio. Actually, I tried to tune to KLOS to kind of lullaby me to sleep, but there's only so much classic rock I can tolerate. It sucks, and the worst part is, the only alternative to KLOS is KROQ. That means, I have to listen to their B.S. alternative rock, or else rap metal, which is just as bad, if not worse. So, instead, what I do is I listen to talk radio. Sometimes I try to listen to KGO all the way from San Jose, but that station fades in and out. Other than that, I don't really have a favorite. Lately, however, it's been KFI or KNX and KRLA. KRLA is too conservative, and K-talk is probably too liberal for me.

I have to comment, though, on the Michael Jackson thing. Because the media was leading their audience on a kind of soap opera in which everyone was awaiting an autopsy report. Then, the media says that there will be no autopsy report and the only thing I could think of was how revealing such information would be harmful to the accused doctor being blamed for supplying such radical sleeping aids for Michael. But my thinking gets more complicated. In other words, it goes deeper between the lines. You see, I figure the doctor had everything under control. He probably trusted Michael to convey to him any of the recreational drugs that he may or may not have been exposed to; what with all the hauty tauty artists that were surrounding him as members of his upcoming European tour. So I can only surmise that he (Michael) hooked up with some young and wild junky whom he took up an invitation to party with. And maybe, just maybe, he forgot to tell his doctor what kind of new drugs he was fed by his new entourage of dancers, the it caused Michael to O.D. from the prescribed sleeping aid.

That is why I think the media isn't being allowed to discuss anything regarding Michael's toxicity level. You see, if it was made public, then the real crime can't be pinned on the doctor. It must be pinned on the abusive druggies. Because of this flaw in the investigation process, I think the doctor being accused of malpractice might have a better chance at playing the pretrial publicity card if the toxins found in Michaels body becomes newsworthy.
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