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Well, as you can see, my blog is undergoing some alterations. I'm kinda glad this happened because I couldn't help feel that my blog background was turning the color pink. For such a drastic change as removing the background and replacing the golf pencils to dip pens on the sidebar lj-links, the fix that was necessary to display my 'dialog' tag properly was almost too silly. I'm not very effective with photoshop and the calligraphy pens do have a blotty look to them. I had to play around with those pens because the first version of them gave the impression of the teeth of a black comb. With my giant hair, the proportion of my new lj-link image could've passed as a cropped photo of a comb.

I like the idea of keeping writing instruments to reflect the lj-links, and this decision couldn't have been made at a more opportune moment as I am working on carving a stone (i think it's sandstone) into an inking stone. I'm sure you've heard of chinese calligraphy. Well, the Chinese have this writing system that allows them to be portable by using an inking stick against a stone to grind ink with using water. In this picture, you see where I have begun to carve out the stone. This is as far as I got before I realized that my chisels were not made for this kind of job. Ironically enough, I'm going to use this side of the stone as the bottom and start again on the other side. Originally, I intended to use the flattest side of the stone for the bottom so as to minimize rocking, but now that I've lessened the curve on this side, it is a bit more stable than it would've been had I continued to wedge out a bowl-like shape on this side.

It is a bowl-like shape actually. I hope this stone doesn't split the next chance I have a crack at making my inking stone. The funny thing is, the money I'm spending on chisels, I could've gone out and bought myself a nice stone in Little Tokyo.
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