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I love using my Opera browser so much that, because I found a glitch in the way Opera displays my journal under certain tags, I am going to have to restructure my tag entries for stuff I've labeled "dialog". Something in the html I am using does not allow entries to display visibly the way they should (and they way they display on other browsers). I've narrowed down the entries that are causing the problem and as far as I can see, I have got to weed out any html language in my "dialog" entries that stray from the plain and simple screenplay format. This means color changes in entry background, images, and whatever else that is not strictly copy and past html from my PowerStructure exports into my blog. I may be editing some previous entries extensively if I think they belong under the "dialog" tag. It would be a good time to try to put scenes and sequences together, but I know if I tried to tackle that objective, I would never finish. First thing's first. Fix the Opera browser glitch.

The culprit entries:
Week 2 of brigits_flame "brilliance"
Radio commercials
Tags: techy

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