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Pointing fingers

      This morning while having coffee at the neighbors, I saw that the news on TV was covering the French woman Isabelle Dinoire. Her new face seems like her own and, except when she talks, it appears that she is able to convey expressions of mood like laughter, or happiness, and whatever else people use their mouth to express their feelings with. Talking and moving her lips may come natural to her in time.
      Although her lip movement is a bit stiff, I`m wondering if she is having spasms in her face like I'm having on my index finger after only receiving five stitches. I can`t really stretch my finger without a sensaTion of spasmodic irritation. I`m dismissing it all to the effects of stretching one part of the skin to the other part and suturing them both together. Deep down I know this isn`t the case. I didn`t see pieces of skin in the sink when I cut myself. I mean, the effect that the wound I succumbed washing a dish would appear as if I was gouged probably only had to do with the cut being so deep. So deep that my skin separated from itself. Ironically, my dad had surgery to remove a corn on his right foot. The stitches on my right hand almost match the scars on his right foot.¡

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