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And for my next cartoony

I will use the term "corporeal suffering" in a comparison between the practice of middle eastern laws utilizing corporal punishment. I don't know whether the two terms are the same, one possibly being past tense or plural part. So I google 'entomology corporeal' for some insighte to the origination of the word and find out later that I meant to google etymology. Duh. I found this cool online etymology dictionary.

What I really want to know is whether the words are used in relation to the other. For instance, if a person suffers a loss of a limb due to court hearing where he is found guilty of theft, is he therefore a victim of corporeal suffering; or can corporeal suffering stand alone? Hm? I know my cartoon won't make very much sense. I'm having the hardest time putting it together.

Perhaps you're familiar with the torture laws against abusive treatment to war prisoners that the US thinks they abide by. I've never been water boarded, so I don't know if a person really feels like he is being drowned to death, nor have I been deprived sleep or any of that good stuff involving psychological preconditioning. So far, I have visualized a double panel image comparing Iraq's technique at applying corporal punishment—maybe by chopping off a hand as an overseeing judge reads his rights "An eye for an eye. You hand for stealing" whatever — and the second panel showing US government officials discussing how they will teach the people that electricity can be your friend, with the introduction of the Internet. Yet, at the same time, this second panel must somehow show law enforcement punishing the masses using tasers. What a quonundrum.


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