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Right around 2012, elections should start getting interesting

I'll be going to the observatory in Griffith Park and checking out the alignment of the planets—keeping my head in the clouds—it's either that, or spending my award points on a silly little trinket like a telescope to watch the heavens while the world supposedly ends in 2012. Or I can just buy an espresso machine.

❛❛❛Right now - more than any time in recent history - Americans are disgusted with both the Republican and Democratic parties. Many feel that the GOP went too far in their attempts to legislate morality and that the Democrats are plunging the nation into fiscal crisis. Why should the Modern Whig Party be considered a viable alternative to both of these? ❜

When people take a look at what the Modern Whig Party has to offer, a lightbulb seems to go off. So it is clear that people want a political party that places common sense, realistic, and rational solutions ahead of partisan bickering and ideology. Our job now is to get the word out and show people that it is ok to sign on and support what we are working to build. There is a profound desire for a non-fringe political movement that caters to independent-minded people in a rational manner. Founded by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, this organization is realistic and continues to catch on based on our recent history and political mentality.

Wikinews interviews Mike Lebowitz, chairman of the U.S. Modern Whig Party - Wikinews, the free news source
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