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New age TV

What I ♥ about the new age technology for watching the boob tube is the ability to tune in at a later date. Perhaps the advertisers should pay more attention to this popular trend in entertainment when they create their discount coupons with "expiration dates". Huh? well, don't you hate that, anyway? If you like watching TV but dislike having to sit thru commercials, then you must doubly hate it when you are watching a TiVo recorded episode of your favorite show and, being to lazy for fast forward thru the commercials, realize that an advertisement for a TV program teaser has caught your interest… too late. The episode already aired and you missed it. But wait, you can probably still catch a gander of it by searching it online. Wonderful.

A small segment of The daily show with Jon Stewart keeps alive the rumor all over the Internet concerning the birth location of the prez. It almost sounds to me like reporters are just yearning to suggest a jackal's birth canal.

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