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Black boxes

I don't like flying in airplanes anymore because I've never relied on them for keeping in touch with family, or keeping a job. I know many people in the country are transplants living apart from their family and where they grew up because of their job. There's probably a lot of people who freelance across the country too, relying on aerial transportation to job hop from one assignment to another; but since that horrific twin towers attack that seems to have been the precursor for a war that many American's are against, I think flying is overrated. I'll probably never get to see Spain or Italy. I'll probably never visit Rio de Janairo or Chile, and there's very little stuff to do during vacations I take from work here in Los Angeles. I would rather ride to Vegas on a motorcycle and spend only a few days there than to fly and spend a couple weeks there.

❝When a regular flight en route from Tehran to Yerevan crashed after takeoff 16 July 2009… [snip] Most comments on social networks and blog posts in the LiveJournal blogging community on the crash in Armenia were obviously limited to information taken from newswires and other media outlets.❞
Global Voices Online » Iran: Armenian bloggers on plane crash
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