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Confession time

      As if… a few weeks ago I must`ve picked up the LA Times and read about a new book about cross dressing. I can't recall if I saw the review in Calendar, Bookreview, or some other section, but today I found this by my fav Times journalist, Amy Wallace.
      I know I didn't read this article when I saw the book review in the paper weeks ago. That one was about a woman portraying a man glueing razor stubble as a disguise, all for the sake of writing her book; but this one is a harsh critique. I'm glad I found another article by AW. She writes so infrequently now that she's made Dep. Editor in Entertainment Business for the LA Times. Good for her. I just see it as the only way to control her wrathfulness—like the way computer companies hire hacks to battle hackers—but Amy's good at what she does. So good, in fact, that I'm determined to read as many stories, articles and what–not that the journalists under her editorial expertise write. I'll post those links here too.

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