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Arturo "Thunder" Gatti

… no signs of gunshot or stab wounds, but police were investigating the case as a homicide.
[snip]… Amanda Gatti, but she was not charged, the paper reported.


I haven't seen a good fight for awhile. I wonder if boxing season is over. What. If NASCAR has a season, not to mention hockey, football, baseball, then surely there's a season for boxing. After all, boxing is a world recognized sport.

Just before bed, I caught the last part of the 11 o'clock eye witness news. The sports report explained the shocking death differently from Brazilian newspaper O Globo, and AP for that matter, showing footage of Amanda Rodriguez being apprehended for the murder. Huh? A bloody purse strap. I'm supposed to believe a champ boxer was murdered by a woman with only a purse strap? C'mon.


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