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Wood bench
Wood bench

3-1⁄2"x1-1⁄2"x12' $2.08/ea. qty. 1
5-1⁄2"x1-1⁄2"x12' $3.84/ea. qty. 1
2-5/8"x1-1⁄2"x10' $1.93/ea. qty. 1
1-1⁄2"x1-1⁄2"x10' $1.75/ea. qty. 1
6" with nut & washers qty. 2
3-1⁄2" with nut & washers qty. 4
2" bolt for wood (not mechanical thread) qty. 2

Here's a picture of a bench I'm working on for the moat section of the backyard at work. It's a simple assembly that I copied from a picnic table set. If you look closely, you can see the table that the bench is resting on while I recharge my drill and pick up another screw attachment.

Don't you just hate when you make out a list of stuff to buy and it's so complex that, even as you stop to check that you have everything in your shopping basket, it never fails that you forgot to pick something up. I've been wanting to buy a stone succulent because they're just some funky looking plants, and I want it for my desk at work. Hah, I can't wait until Schulz makes some kind of sly remark about the way my plant looks when it blooms. Heh-heh.

By tomorrow, I figure this project will be completed. The whole thing ran about $15-16. Not bad considering I'll have a private place to sit and read (when the heat lets up).


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