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Marijuana Ad: Pot Could Cure California's Budget Woes

Should college classes offer a class on drinking alcoholic beverages (for the lone drinker)? I'm sure the education system is aching to earn that little salary they always complain about for educating the drinker. Bartender school is probably not that much different. Back in middle school, I remember my health teacher touching on the subject. Mr Pollack said that bad thing about taking drugs is people develop a tolerance for them and so find the need to explore with newer, stronger drugs. For instance, pot might be fantastic the first few times a person smokes it, but the more he or she smokes, the more that person needs to feel high. That's when they start looking into mushrooms or whatever else there is out there. Rave.

Taxes from marijuana, the ad claims, could pay the salaries of 20,000 teachers.
Marijuana Ad: Pot Could Cure California's Budget Woes

I don't know about you, but I didn't grow up having a college buddies to drink with. I was all studius during those years. Before the age of 21, however, I did explore drinking with high school friends. That was more challenging because alcohol wasn't easily obtained. So, when I turned 21, I didn't know the first thing about walking into a bar and having a few drinks while keeping under consideration the drive home.


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