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Groceries shopping

      I went to the market yesterday. Minding my own biz, a total stranger complements me on my hair. Living in Hlwd, I`m not sure how exactly to interpret this. An awkward situation where a man tells another man he likes his hair, but I guess it`s acceptable. Unfortunately, I don`t respond the way he expected that I would. I`m not cold or anything (I don`t say things like "Oh, I thought that was a pick-up line, you homo.") Perhaps I should get used to this type of treatment?
      He must`ve thought I was foreign because as he walks away, he remarks, "That was a complement." I know what complements are, dude, if you`re reading this. I make them all the time to the youth I am constantly have to interact with during the day. Maybe I`m too old to have long hair? I don`t know. I don`t think there is a certain age in which people (men in particular) must dress conservatively meaning they cannot spike their hair, or do the Hare Krishna thing. I just feel, unless two men have something else to say, approaches like that seem gay. That's all.

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