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Beaten to the punchline: Germaine Greer on women and comedy - Stage - The Guardian

So here I am at the salt mines trying to get this entry done before 6 o'clock because I have some delusional idea that Ana Garcia reads all my entries just before she does the news. Heh-heh, there is a Santa Clause, Virginia. Hmm, did I just see Jean Reno's look-a-like?

the pleasure generated by a response to a gag is patterned on the male orgasm rather than the female.

Beaten to the punchline: Germaine Greer on women and comedy - Stage - The Guardian

I've been a real lazy dog these past couple of days… recovering from an aching back and soar muscles. A friend at work asked me if I wanted to have a kitten. Apparently, people must think I'm lonelier than an industry without a king.

You know what, I haven't said a single word about the late Michael Jackson. I really do feel sorry for that guy, but quite honestly, I never understood his songs, nor do I like them. I may have enjoyed them growing up, but I grew out of them pretty quickly.

How should a person cope over such a great loss for an industry that pretty much functions as the backbone of loud obnoxious music? Even as I speak, all I can do is reflect over the loss of such great radio stations as Indy 103.1 to supply side eco-friendly pop station. Everyone always has to pick on the head bangers, right. We lost KNAC back in the 70's, Pirate radio in the 80's (you know I'm guessing at these numbers). Now, only rich people can listen to metal. It's like the MTV days when music videos were beginning to flourish. Suddenly music videos are taken off of local network TV and placed into MTV.

I'm always one step behind. When I find that I have enough money to get Sirius radio, the phase of popularity in metal will be over. Next week: Kathy Griffin v. Lucille Ball

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