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I think perhaps you might get a laugh out of this…

… if only because when I try to be funny, I'm not. And when I'm being serious, people think I'm hilarious.

This morning I walked about four miles to the motorcycle shop to pick up my rental. I wore uncomfortable combat boots because I'm always thinking safety when I ride. I've been driving a 500(sum) pound bike for several hours and my legs are aching so bad. The breaks on the Harley are standard position and with my big feet, the stretch for braking and shifting have totally awakened some unused muscles on my leg.

I got home after lunch and peeled off my socks to discover three blisters had already burst. I cursed the air as I applied iodine tincture to my freshly exposed skin. Riding is fun, but I can see how some people might be willing to sacrifice safety for comfort when they have their brakes and shift gear customized for a laid back look.


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