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It was near impossible to listen to the journalists pose their questions to the president during the news conference because the moment the prez stopped talking, that's when all the camera clickers would be pressed. It's like the photographers already knew that snapping a picture of the prez would result in a noise that would interrupt his statements. Well, I managed to hear the news conference in it's entirety, as least according to NPR.So whether or not a journalist managed to ask Obama if there was any indication that pot might be legalized, I couldn't tell you. Everyone did get a big laugh at his comment that he's "cured" of smoking. Heh heh. That was kinda funny.I haven't sat myself down behind my drafting table because it's been cluttered with junk. I've been procrastinating the replacement of a network card on my laptop, but this morning placed an order for something that doesn't need installation. It goes directly into the USB port. And it was cheap.Now I guess I have no excuse to clean up my act and start drawing some weird comic strips. I'm just so consumed with stuff, I can't get organized. There's the MC rental this weekend, there's that zine I wan't to put together, there's the comic strip I want to put together to guide readers to the link to the finished zine. There's just so much.

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