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Aleister Crowley

Ironic that the one time I find something interesting to post here on lj (with a widget specifically designed to automate the clipping portions of sites onto my blog), it isn't working. So, who is Aleister Crowley? I heard mention of him on the radio this morning and I'm feeling somewhat like an insider now that I've found some live blogging material to read up on and stuff.

I guess it's a rumor, but it seems to be a big deal that Barbara Bush is believed to be the illegitimate daughter of this crazy activist/terrorist. This is what I mean when I keep huge gaps of editorial cartoons away from public scrutiny. I would not want to be struck by the backlash of exposing something humorous about a person in such a high position.

Same goes for that midget of a Mayor we have here in L.A. I can't help but feel that the midget says to me indirectly as I watch the news about his fillandering, "Loser, look, if I can find a gf and move on, so can you". Nevermind that he's a midget, even though that's his point exactly. If I was short and had as much money as he has, I would be able to have a gf too. Especially a career journalist gf.

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