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Metropolitan Home is a magazine containing ideas for decorating your home. I have always wanted to live in a loft with brick walls. I don't know what it is that appeals to me about brick walls as an interior decorating foundation. The only thing that I dislike about renting lofts, or owning a loft, is the concept of living in the same building with other renters/owners. Loft living seems to me to be not so different from apartment living and what scares me the most about living in an apartment is fire. And infestations.

If one finds a roach, one attempts to get rid of them by cleaning and using insecticide, but ridding yourself of a roach infestation within an apartment building is more complicated because those bugs could be migrating from another complex. Same kind of thing applies with fires. It seems that a structure made of bricks might spread a fire started in one end of a building more slowly.

First thing I would do if I won the lottery is find myself a nice loft in downtown.

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