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Stress level decreasing

Welp, I finally interviewed for that job I been trying to get since I learned that a new building structure was in the works. I dunno if I left a good impression. They said that twelve people were interested and that there're only four positions. Plus, I'm not going to know if I was selected until they practically decide to start moving people into the new building (around August). So, I'll have a question mark floating over my head until then.

Needless to say, I don't go thru interview processes just for the hell of it, and if I'm offered the job, be assured I'm going to snatch it up. They say, the people who interviewed me, that their decision may or may not have significance since a second team of managers will make the final decision depending on who they can spare at the other locations containing interested candidates. So, there it is in black & white. I feel like Maxwell Smart who was overlooked a promotion because he did such a good job as an analyst. I could've aced the interview, and that still wouldn't guarantee me the transfer.

Tags: office politics

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