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Yay! Dodgers. Um, how did that run manage to score in the second?

76534329@N00 ℈-"dodgerstadium263"

The Dodger game last nite was just okay. It'd been years since I entered that stadium, but I think the most memorable times I had there was when I held a job as a program seller. I use to pace back and forth in the isles holding up my programs yelling "Get your program for $3.00!!" or something like that. Things like that stay with you a lifetime.

My seats were club and that was okay. I got my tickets last minute, but not thru will call. When I went to the ticket window, the ticketmaster would send me either one level up, or one level down to an alternate ticket box; and when I made my way down the stairs to the box office, they in turn told me to go up one level. Bastards! WTF?! I told the woman that I had just been sent down one level to see her and she got out of her booth and pointed me down one level further. As I made my way there, I'm approached by a scalper.

So i got my ticket and gave the guy a tip. The tip was for not having to go on line and buy my tickets. It wasn't very big of a tip because I swear, I always imagine the worse and the only thing I could think of was 'what if this guy sells me a counterfeit ticket'. That would've sucked, considering scalpers don't usually take credit card or check. So I made sure to carry enough cash for tickets and food and I had a good time. I wore my white computer hat, because although it was a much needed vacation from nerdsville behind my 'puter that impelled me to see the game (plus the fact that Ana Garcia would be throwing the first pitch), I still had in the back of my head the desire to figure out how iMapping works. Well, I comforted myself with the idea of anticipating a library book called DNS and Binding by O'reilly. I had checked it out before, together with a stack of various different computer networking material, and never got to browse thru it, but now that I know a bit more about servers, I think it will make more sense to me. The immediate goal is to set up my client side comptuer to access my e-mail thru an imap configuration. Any suggestions?

I thought I was paying attention to the game… I mean, what else am I going to do. I'm there all by myself. But, without fail, the home team managed to figure out how to score behind my back. They did this twice, actually. First, in the second inning, and second when they'd scored two runs in a single inning. Bizarre.

I think I had heard some TOOL playing during the inning breaks. I'm not sure. That part was cool, but mostly the intermission between innings is passed by listening to rock classics.


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