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I took the server essentials course down in Santa Ana. It was very insightful, but I fear that all the material went over my head. I asked the instructor where I could get a copy of the software he was using to teach the class (Mac OS X Server) and he said I could download it for free. I didn't get the web site address because I figured, how hard can it be to find? but when I get home, I realize that this software runs about $1000.00; how it can be available for free like my networking teacher indicated, I'll never know.

So, I'm not so fearful about tampering with the specs on my computer. I already changed where the home file is located and the short name for logging into my laptop. There are still some quirks to figure out. For instance, just by changing the "home" location, I went and lost all the preferences for the software I use to surf the net. Re-establishing my old prefs were as easy as locating the previous prefs files in the old "home" location and copying them to the new prefs folder.

I still don't know what I'm going to do about the size of the main user account. It takes so long to start up my laptop when I'm logged into this account. So, what I'm trying to do is to set up my e-mail as an imap configuration (instead of pop mail). I figure if I can do this, then I would just create an account named Bier, and use it to log into my lj. That would be so freakin' cool.

I think I'm going to the Dodger's game today. I have nothing to do tonight and I want a vacation from this geeky stuff.

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