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Sirius/xm radio

I just discovered that Dee Snider has a radio show every Friday in which he hosts a variety of guests, together with Debbie Rochon, involved in the production of horror flicks. I don't really have an xm radio, nor a sirius subscription. Even though I've heard that the two have merged, I tried to check on-line with DirectV website about the xm music channels available thru my cable account. I don't think "Fangoria Radio" is offered, and the dot com for Fangoria magazine doesn't seem to stream the weekly regularly. I dunno if the podcasts always include video (doubtful) or whether the podcasts that are available on-line are abridged.

I'm thinking, wouldn't it be great to download the video podcasts onto my Nano? Also, couldn't I tune in on-line somehow on Fridays with the computer and maybe transfer the digital radio show to analog? Hmm, here's the site

I enjoy Fangoria because it gives me a headstart on which horro movies are currently being made. I figure, if my romantic comedy doesn't work out, I'll just convert it into a horror flick, as scarey movies seem to dominate the cheesey movie screenplays.

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