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The fly

BJD has sold the state to imperialists and proved itself to be executioner for the imperialists by massacring adivasis in Kaliga Nagar, POSCO, etc, besides protecting saffron hoodlums as they went about killing, raping and persecuting Christians.
ReferenceUSA - Article Details

I don't know what this news clip means, I just thought it would look neat in my lj. This morning, while surfing 'round, I thought of looking at some wishlist automobiles. I browsed the Alfa Romeo site. I checked out some Jeeps. But it was when I discovered that those little post office size jeeps are no longer being produced on a massive level that I considered buying used (if you can call my online window shopping buying). It was then that I discover a dedicated jeep classified ad, not dissimilar to craig's list. When I clicked on the link described as "military jeeps", reluctant because of the branded affiliation of "gay" a military surplus store has in Gay Los Angeles (think of Village People), I learn that jeeps of this category are sometimes known as Willy's Jeeps, I don't know why, but it struck me as ironic. Please don't ask why because I don't think I could describe the reasons brief enough for lj to encompass in a single entry.

Suffice it to say, at that very point I'm in a haze. I step out, have a smoke and all the while reflecting about what it means. I mean, I don't see myself driving a Willy Military Jeep. I just want to learn to drive a stick. Jeez, is that too much to ask? I'm bored with my pick up, and since the accident that left me with a spare in the flat bed, a crooked bumper and completely unsatisfied with my newly broken-in wheels, I'm serious about considering looking for a 4X4. Willy, huh? Hmm.

I'm stoked…

Oh, almost forgot. Remember the undercover cops (security) that used to roam around the public school campuses? They wore mirrored lense glasses. Everyone use to refer to them as "the fly". What was that movie I saw? Somebody makes some inference about investing a shit load of cash by building a gigantic building, but the other guy says "Yeah, right. How inconspicuous is that?" and the first guy says that they'll build the structing invisibly. They'll paint it the same color as the background. When There's a building I looked up on google maps with reflective walls, as if the entire building is made of one way mirrors. When I did this search on ReferenceUSA (sometimes while I drive, I see a building that intrigues me and makes me want to know who owns it, or who works there), the thumbnail of the address is unlike what I remember the building looking like. When I enlarge it, however, I can see that the reason it looked different was because the wall was reflecting the sky as if there were no building there at all, just sky.

Okay, that was dumb, but you should see how many organization are in such a small little building. There are so many companies working out of there, one would think that a major part of the office space is in the basement. Either that, or people are working out of their cars, in the parking lot. Anyway, here are some of the names of companies earning under $500K

  • Media Central
  • Denimhead
  • Essential Talent Mgmt.
  • Enigma Ent.
  • Cheri Sundae Productions
  • American Hondelen
  • Boondock Web LLC
  • Crash Television Productions
  • Jasfee & Assoc.
  • Jds
  • Majestic Mgmt.
  • National Material Co.

And with that, I bid you g'nite. Zzzzzz


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