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x-men: Wolverine

Never having seen a single X-men flick, I thought I would be lost if I went to see this one about the way Wolverine came to be (born). I thought it was crazy entertaining. I don't know if I can remember back when Wolverine had claws made of bone. It kind of rings a bell, but then stopped reading comics about the time X-men gained popularity. I like Wolverine's motive to fight. However, just when I thought his purpose to rebel was justified in in his vengeance for his lover, his nemesis happens to kill others caught in the cross fire which made things seems like the writers were searching for a way to justify Wolverines objective with another kind of audience. I guess I'm thinking females, because no X-men fan fatale could possibly see eye to eye with Wolverines broken heart unless she were bi. I just seems that, because people seems to die whenever they get close to Wolverine is enough to appeal to any audience, children, female, male, etc.

I hope I don't give the movie away by my rants. It's a good, loud flick with exciting action filled scenes. You'd be doing yourself a favor by watching this flick. Now, I can see myself finding copies of other DVDs without feeling I may have missed something because I didn't see the original.

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