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One of the cool things about work is having to test out the DVD discs for clarity. We literally sit around with popcorn and candy. Heh, you can't find better working conditions than that. The other day, Jude puts on The wrestler and when the nudie parts, and sexual explicity come up, she fast forwards. That killed it for me. I don't care how many award nominations that movie received, cutting out the best parts, which for me are the female nude scenes, It's weird, I know. It's almost as if dudes only go to flicks to see their fav actress to drool over them—screw whomever the male lead happens to be—at least that's how it's always been for me.

The multiple reasons I finally got over my obsession of Nastassja Kinski films is because I found a new fix on the six o'clock news with Ana Garcia, several of NK flicks ended up being straight to video or cable releases, NK hasn't had any projects lately, and there have been quite a few other artists whom NK has shot scenes with which I've happily found solace in obsessing over. That's what leads me to wonder about the careers of Thomas Jay Ryan, James Urbaniak, Kevin Corrigan, and Liam Aiken, actors from my all time favorite movie with a plot.

Who would imagine a movie could be made based on the confessions of a condemned man? Anyone of these actors mentioned could be an absolute treat if they came up with a project including NK, especially now that I've upgraded my TiVo for 1080i HD local channels but NBC4 at 6:00 doesn't seem to be high-def compliant yet.

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