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the only mascot we had is on the endangered fish list

It's just like a freaking librarian to be so insensitive, and why I don't like traveling during my vacations, that she would leave her pet tetra under the hands of an incompetent oaf. According to Jude, the cloudy water caused by an excess of uneaten food was the result of the fishy's mother concerned about her beloved fighter fish starving to death. Not only that, but after I suggested that the water be changed for clean water, Jude responded with "No! Don't touch it. You're going to kill it AND I'm the one who was left responsible". Screw you, you cute little fish. You're better off dead if your mother left you in the care of an obnoxious fish hater who's only interest is that "if they fish dies because of food poisoning, oh well…"


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