Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Zakk Wylde

Today`s noon event in Hollywood is tempting enough to call in sick. It is so convenently scheduled because nobody really knowing how I felt yesterday, whether or not I was coming down with anything Monday, supports my claim of feeling ill. Zakk Wylde`s induction to Guitar Center`s walk of fame is where I wanna be today.

      I still have a 35mm µ and there seems to be an unused roll of film that`s been sitting in it for the past two or three years. I`m gonna start driving around with it to see what kind of interesting things I can photograph. As far as calling in sick… I was I`m-not-lying sick last week, so fun in the sun won`t be happening for me. I just don`t feel good about calling in sick when the only thing I`d be doing would be spending a half hour browsing from the back (on tip-toes) trying to peer over the shoulders of giants to catch a glimpse, and a snapshot, of Ozzy and Zakk. I know I`ve made wrong decisions before, but aside from nearly chopping of my index finger while washing the dishes after lunch break, work isn`t that bad.

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