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If you browse back to the very beginning of my cartoon phase, you may find a single panel doodle of the back of some guy's head as he hangs from a wire fence looing across a desert. I had the hardest time implementing this scene into the screenplay I hope to finish (one of these days.) However, as I began to come up with more ideas for my screenplay, one of which involves the landscaping of rooftop gardens on skyscraper buildings and other fancy pavement art, it dawned on me… This picture came out of a Life magazine years ago. I still have it. I dunno why. I mean, this was even before google earth was invented, but in the back of my mind, I knew what I saved it for was so that I could track down the coordinates and view the historical site via a satellite photo. AND I DID! It took two freaking days to find.

This oddity is known by many terms in the archeology world, but after reading enough articles on it, I stumbled onto other buzz words that helped me locate blogger entries on the subject. These entries I'm talking about have been made fairly recently, too. There's paranormal blog and then there's Ron Kilber's logbook, among other web sites. These bloggers have interesting perspectives, and some of them even describe their adventure of their visit to the unexplained geoglyphs.

Known also as intaglio (in tar yoe), it's not known if geoglyphs are two-hundred years old or ten thousand.

When doing this kind of research, it's hard not to stray away from the main objective as new web sites tend to be distracting in a colorful way. One example is, where I found a magazine article published in the 50's. I'm not one to forget so easily, though, and I'll always come back to my main objective sooner or later. Just as this magazine clipping stayed with me all these years, I'm not considering purchasing a poster size version of it via ilnprints, as well as a jeep cherokee or some some other kind of 4-wheel drive vehicle so I can venture down to Blythe myself and experience something unexplainable.

As the title of this entry describes, and so too many historical explanations for the purpose of these creations, I'm reminded of the movie Miracle at St. Anne because what I see in this 1932 photo is the face of Jesus Christ smoking a joint. And when I finally located the coordinates on this site on google earth, I saw another version of Christs face at a 180° rotation. What an adventure. Can't wait till I have money to plan my next vacation.

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