Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Status on the drawing board

I haven't been posting my cartoons to lj because, quite frankly, I haven't
been drawing them. Too busy psyching myself out to find a good song to
learn on my guitar. It's nerve racking, when I come up w/ some ideas, but
I've convinced myself that my ideas for editorial cartoons, while they may
seem good at the time they are envisioned, I know already I suck at
drawing and putting them all together with caption in place.

Meanwhile, it seems I managed to avoid the paperwork for the traffic
accident a few days ago by husling the driver at fault a measly $250. Oh
well. I guess if I were driving a BMW or a Mercedes Benz I could get away
with more, but then the estimates too would've been made out for twice as
much as I was quoted for straightening out my bumper.

Money's money. At least I got an "I'm sorry" from the dude that hit me.
Sometimes, those things are worth more than cash.

I'm trying out this post by e-mail feature. I couldn't figure it out
before because I was trying to post entries to my blog via my cell phone
by txt message. That, I have yet to figure out. Theoretically, I should be
able to post pictures captured on my cell phone to my blog. One day I'll learn
that. Baby steps. Baby steps.

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