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What if it was cool to go mediæval on yo ass

Strangely enough, I noted an ljer's friendsfriends page as I browsed previous entries yesterday. I had scrolled down about skip=240 entries and didn't have time yesterday to watch an animation spoof on (i forget.) So today I try to browse from where I left off. Of course, because today's a new day and more entries have been made since yesterday, the url containing

http: //

no longer applies, and I have to track back further. Maybe I wasn't being very attentive yesterday, but I swear there were entries that weren't there yesterday, which is odd since I don't know WTF I'm talking about anyway. thelonelyisland has a music video that I thought was pretty cool. The music isn't that bad either. Here's the direct link.

My biggest problem growing up was not having a conscience and I would never say sorry to somebody whose feelings I may have unintentionally hurt by saying something crass. As a result, I was able to plunge into intimate relationships without an exit plan. Breaking up was impossible for me. I didn't know how to make ultimatums like "you better put out or I'm moving on." This video explains the ideal way I must've felt, though I wasn't in touch with my feelings, when I was dumped by my high school sweetheart. Damn educational system didn't prep me enough to be able to put these things into words like the guy in this video.

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