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An infringing perk

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Lemme see if I can let off some steam right now, man. I'm still boiling about the crooked rear bumper my car suffered on San Fernando Rd and Fig. Sucks. Some time ago, a co-worker offered to find anything and everything I desired in the area of sheet music. This was a while back so I guess the offer no longer was valid, but I asked anyway. At first I asked for Whiskey in a jar, by METALLICA. The result was a one pager, and when I searched on-line, I got the full version of the song. Today, I find that a reference book exists at the downtown library containing the song I'm looking for (and not finding on-line). I swear to god, there's nothing in the area of music scores on line. Everything is tabs and in text format.

I try again and ask if it's possible for my co-worker to call the downtown main library and make a copy of the song from their reference book and fax it on over. Apparently, employees don't get that type of service as a benefit anymore and I was warned that there would be a charge. Fuck that.

One of these days I'll make my way to the main downtown library and do the leg work myself. In the meantime, the only thing to bolster my spirits is the thought of the old days. Remember when library cards were made out of paper? When the library system made the transition from old catalog system to computerization, and the plastic cards with bar codes came into fruition, most if not all library account balances were forgiven. Everybody was started off with a clean slate regardless of how many books they might've lost, or fines owed. Well, back then, I ran up quite a bill and I still have a book about Andy Warhol. It's a cheap little paperback which ran for about $3+; however, now that it's out of print, I looked it up on Amazon dot com and found that a mint condition copy runs for like $75.00. Sigh.

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