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What's in a name ame ame ame

his is my fav version of the song That's not my name, and if I were ever to download, it would have to be this version with the elaborated coda at the end for which I can't find the lyrics to. The lyrics haven't changed. The band just seems to mix up the lyrics a bit at the end. I like this new ending only because it reinforces the idea that the song is performed live (as opposed to lip synching). Roberta says she thinks she could've written this song, I guess because the band TING TINGS seems to be comprised by only two members.

You know what this songs reminds me of? It is about going thru life being known by one name, but being officially known by a name different from what my friends knew me by. It's the case of "my friends call me Bier" sorta thing, as opposed to Pierre. It was embarrassing when peeps would call me by 'Pierre' and I tried so hard to change my name officially by usage. Apparently, there's a law which states that people can change their name simply by constant usage. An example would be Elizabeth always being referred to Elie. The problem with this is when it's time to fill out official documents, Elie can't use her name and must suck it up and surrender her real name as being Elizabeth. That sucks. That's why I like this song.
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