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Oh man, please don't do it for the camera

Holy crap, I won't even look at roadkill when I'm driving down the street. Not because it makes me sick, but because it's been proven that the color red is an attractor and lures interest to anybody who isn't color blind. But not all road kill is red, right? I'm just saying that I think it's pointless since I could focus my attention on safe driving and keeping my eyes on the road.

So, I'm reading my f-list and see dogslaughter's entry about Dirty Harry's .45 magnum. In a quandary about what it means, I surf the net for guns to learn what's more powerful, a .357 magnum or a .44 magnum. Anyways, I learn that there a loads of youtube vids demonstrating the new big gun, the S&W 500. Woh. Supposedly, it's the latest high power hand gun in production. There's a few 600 test model youtubes out there, but upon clicking on a youtube demonstrating how not to shoot a shotgun, I see some videos on suicide. People who actually (supposedly) blow their brains out on their blog. I can't bring myself to watch. Am I a woos?

Has anybody else watched these youtubes of peeps ending it all. Do they really exist? I would think that youtube would ban such things, but since I'm too yellow to watch them, I thought I'd ask around.
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