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This sunday past, the Times ran a short article about a cartoonist who animates shorts about menopause. Aspiring cartoonists might want to catch a gander at it. You should be able to type this link into your location field for the on-line version of Unique frame of reference by Sharon Mizota who happens to have her own blog at

If you're like me, and stray from the cartooning hobby to learn more about web design, then you really should take a look at Sharon's web site. It's so clean and orderly. When will my web site look official like hers? when I finally bring myself to get published by a well known magazine/newspaper? Ugh.

I read in Time (zine) that zombies have been categorized the official monster of these recessionary times. What that says to me is that converting my blog into something vaguely close to Mizota's web site is probably not as impossible as it may seem. As long as people have a fascination with zombies, they're sure to stumble onto my lj sooner or later. And what do I have to show for it? Nothing but prematurely scibbling I'm too lazy to re-work for fear that my illustration ideas will only come off as lame. sigh

The big picture: Zombies are the new vampires by Lev Grossman, TIME, 4/20/9
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