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This is the origin of my headaches

76534329@N00 ℈-"mapvanilla"

So, I guess I have a lot of reading to do about bliki development. Years ago I decided that I will test my computer adeptness by figuring out how to install a bliki (blog/wiki) and I slowly discovered that getting down and dirty with the code can be a life long project. Ugh.

Here is Vanilla as it appears on my hard drive. I thought of writing this entry to webdev to see if anybody knew anything about using Rebol as a programming tool for web development. I mean, I have the 2-3 inch thick book. I just haven't touched on it (yet). I guess there's no getting around it either.

Here's a description of what I'm trying to do: I have this Vanilla bliki running on my computer and as long as anybody is using the same network for Internet access, they can log in and contribute to my entries. The problem that this bliki is not public, which is to say, it isn't accessible through the www. The reason is simple. I don't know squat about DNS.

I called godaddy to ask for some guidance, but they pretty much don't answer web dev 101 questions. I drew this map of file folders that contain the program. It looks simple enough, but I just can't figure out which file folders I need to alter so that entries and updates are saved to the server host with godaddy.


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