Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Toothpaste, baseball and backwardness

I suspect as a young boy, a very young boy, I leaned toward my left side by picking up a pencil and pretending to know how to write with my left hand. Then, when my dad got hint of this, he tried to instruct me to learn to write with my right hand. And I did learn to write with it, leaving my left hand uneducated.

Why this matters is because I have nothing better to do than to reflect on my life as I live as though I were incarcerated behind bars. So, to continue… when my mother enrolled me in baseball as a child, the first time I was at bat, I was batting right handed, but as I held the bat over my shoulder, my hands were interposed for a lefty, right hand gripping base of bat, and left hand gripping handle directly above right hand.

When skateboards bagan to gain popularity, and this was before the invention of wide skateboards, I always felt more comfortable standing on the skateboard with my right foot while I pushed off with my left foot. And even now, when I brush my teeth, I squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube with my left hand. Perhaps it's just laziness of having to switch hands for brushing, or taking the time to teach my left foot to balance itself on a skateboard, but it seems to me that right handed people may do things opposite to the way I've accusted myself to do things.


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