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So what is the difference between web surfing and watching TV? It was quite some time ago when I heard that movies were heading in a direction that would comprise a film of nothing more than clips of scenes put together in a montage fashion much the way that a continuing series, like Dollhouse, Big love and True blood, might precede the start of a new show with bits and pieces of the previous episode. As I sit and watch Showtime's The Tudors for the first time, it takes four long minutes of these short clips to fill me in on where the story last left off.

A couple weeks ago there was a news report on how a pirate copy of the upcoming film WOLVERINE had found it's way on-line. The FBI and MPAA were on the case to track down who was responsible of this outrageous copyright infringement. So far, I haven't heard a thing (not that I care).

News Corp. amended its statement, adding that Fox News had "promptly terminated Mr. Friedman."

But had it? Contacted Sunday, Friedman would not comment except to say, "Reports of my death have been extremely exaggerated." columnist's status unclear

As a result of the unfinished WOLVERINE copy, some on-line film critics have written reviews, but as a result of this outspokeness, the movie critic has lost his job. While the Fox network has issued statements along the lines of Fox News being a separate entity from us, in the end it seems that the fox411 columnist has been let go. What I have learned here is this: there is a black market on the Internet in which law abiding citizens have free access to as long as they are quiet about it. While this incident may not seem typical of censorship in the media, the outcome of the legalities may indeed shed a different light.

I believe this whole heartedly because journalism is about continuation. When you pick up a newspaper and begin to read a news article on page one, it continues on page 12 or 13. When you hear a developing report on TV or radio, it isn't until the criminal is captured or the autopsy report is complete that the story ends. But if a criminal is captured, and he recounts other crimes he has committed in the past for leniency, whether or not these previously forgotten crimes, murders, robberies are connected to the criminal in the media, the common reader/news watcher does not. Although it might be fun to blot the many crime locations on a map with details of description, dates, etc. I'm not going to link captured criminals with the many unsolved crime stories I've seen or read. That's crazy.

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