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Every once in awhile I take the time to visit the catalog system of my local library's web page with a list of keywords that will return a list of new publications. Today's keyword was "storyboard", as I am reluctant to apply for a assignment notice I received yesterday. The most interesting book on the subject was published in 2007. Ehh, I placed a hold on it anyway so I could fan the pages when I receive it.

The list of results from this search were mostly DVDs. I can only imagine that the special features of the movies contain some kind of behind-the-scenes stuff. There was also something called "Twilight", but since I never watch the show/movie, I didn't care for it. The top most item on the list happened to be totally unrelated to storyboards. It's about web design. Could I be wrong? I wasn't able to put a hold on it yet because there aren't any copies available to circulate (as we type), but here's the information anyway.

TITLE: Head first Web design : a learner's companion to accessible, usable, engaging websites
AUTHOR: Ethan Watrall, Jeff Siarto.
CALL #: 510.78W W336
PUBLISHER: O'Reilly Media

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