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She came in through the bathroom window

I thought it would be fun to upload this picture of bookshelves in my house because of the eerie feeling I get when I look at dogslaughter in her first on-line picture. There's no doubt that she came in thru the bathroom window, rearranged the book titles and figurines and snapped her mugshot. I added the drapes for effect. I've been wanting to work with draperies for some time now as it's obvious from TV that all professional photographers use drapery as a backdrop.

While it's nice to put a face to [info]dogslaughter's name since I first began to read her blog entries, you can imagine how mixed up I feel about her picture when all I can see, beyond her picture perfect hair is my part of the house. Creepy.

It's true, she's sexy and it's all I can do to stop myself from asking her for her number. Jees, I'm old enough to be her daddy (ironically, MSNBC is showing "Predator Raw: the unseen tapes" right now) Why are you going to bleach your hair more, girl? It's perfect the way it is. From headbanger to headbanger, even though headbangers never want to be mistaken for emo because of our black hair, going blond is NOT the answer. Brown, OK, blond, ehhh.


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