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A quick sound bite from 2002

Quiting a smoking habit can be an art. Here's a song fron a harmonica blues sheet music book that I memorized and tried perfecting to the point of chapping my lips and giving it up. It's called Lakeshore Drive

How did I stumble upon this old old file? I was looking for an Ida Maria song called Oh my god. So, when I google her name, there are tons of youtube results. The problem is, I've gotten so use to using my outdated-for-Internet laptop, which doesn't permit a Flash download, I can't see those vids. And when I narrow my search to mp3, all the sights I find just don't seem to work… until I finally come to I had been trying all the various mp3 versions of ohmygod available on-line for streaming on iTunes and SoundJam (two early versions of CD software) and nothing played without constant interruptions for re-buffering.


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