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So, I'm finished. I've spent the last two days trying to figure this out. That 28-year calendar that repeats itself like an ourobouros every time 28 years lapse, and I haven't yet proofed it for accuracy. But, I got the links to work kind of the way I want them too, and I'm too tired to tweak it further. Gawd. I was glued to my laptop and couldn't bring myself to break for lunch until 3:30. I had made plans to check out Akbar Silverlake, and even that was being procrastinated.

At Akbar, I had a marguerita. Yum. I'm not very good at selecting mixed drinks. I once tried a black russian in Glendale and it reminded me of what irish coffee tastes like. I've been asking around to see who can make zombies with creme au nuyaux, but I usually get a blank expression from the bartender; so I then ask if he knows of any mixes that include creme au nuyaux (which is an almond blend of liquor).

I sat in for the stand-up comedian performance, and the comediennes all thought I was prime for targeting because of my gloomy expression. I mean, I won't laugh just because everyone else is laughing, I don't care how prehistoric I look because of my lack of slang in my vocabulary. Most of the performers were talking about gay stuff anyway. It made me feel like I finally figured out the answer of what would happen if I walked into a gay bar filled with lesbians. One gal asked me if I could scoot a bit over so that I wouldn't be sitting so close to her. I think tonight was the first time I was ever told I looked old when the last act introduced me to her audience as her daddy.

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