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I like to say damn

I have to say that I had a good time, considering I only had myself for company. I went out last night, celebrating and shit, and I had my plan of strategy all set out for myself. I would ultimately end up at the Grove to catch that new flick Duplicity, but I would first quench my thirst for a zombie number 4, or a zombie # 1 at that recently opened bar on Vermont. There is a bar on Vermont that I read about in the Onion, or some rag, and I figured I would stop by and ask them if they could make me a cocktail with creme au nuyaux as one of the ingredients. Well, the Cuban place did seem homey and stuff, but the bartender said they didn't have all those ingredients, so I left.

On my way back to my car, with the intent to drive off to farmers market, I j-walk across the stree at the point where the theatre is situated and check for the next showing of… blah blah blah. Buy my ticket, with time to kill, and make my way to the Dresden. Never have set foot in the place before and it's been on my list to check out forever. Cool joint. The bartendar and I were talking booze and he was really friendly with advice on other locations along Sunset Blvd to check out. Tiki, for one.

I only had two drinks and I don't know if my head is spinning because I need some sleep (it's 12:30AM) or if it was the bacardi 151. "The killer" says the bartender. Damn, I make my way toward the theatre and see a bookstore. Well, first I saw a novelty shop that happened to sell clothing too. I bought ten buttons there, then I stopped by the bookstore and bought ten more, plus a book. 'Bookstores are paradise.'

The movie begins and I gotta pee. I must've missed a major part, while peeing, because I dunno WTF this movie is about, but because I really love Roberts and Owen together, I'm gonna write only positive stuff. You know how in the information age, everybody has all kinds of detailed insight about every little thing? For instance, IMDB has a feature in which people can search for famous quotes in a movie. There's just no privacy for an actor to take the time to choose the movie of his/her liking to recite that one line that would live on forever like "play it again, Sam."

That's what the fucking movie is about. Two people (actors) re-unite after making this one awesome movie (Closer), and they find themselves competing with one another for what they think they'll be remembered saying. Maybe the bartender was right, "too much sugar in your alcohol messes with your brain."

"It was a film about nothing." I overhear one of the people say to their companion as they leave the movie house. Nonesense, says I, if I had friendlier balls. This movie is about love, and the lack of it; the unreachable desire to feel what one has lost when they decide playing the field will help them forget about the one girl that ever meant anything to them. I'm talking about first love. When people lose their first love, they move on. They sleep around. They play the field while in the back of their mind they are searching for somebody (anybody) who can help them forget about their first love.

So meet Ray and Claire, two successful people who are well off, who hash out a plan together to embezzle their corporate employers. The American dream, right? This movie plays as a complete study of the power of love over wealth, with the concept "What's wealth and greatness if you don't have anybody to share it with" undermining the main characters as conflict. Although I don't recall any nudity, this film has great angles of Julia Roberts' full lips, as well as some close-up footage of Clive Owen which the other half may find intriguing. Would I recommend this flick? Yeah! but check out your local bar first and ask them to mix you a couple cocktails you've never tried before.

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