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wish list

  1. UNIX network programming
    • Call #: 510.78S U61St-1 2004
    by W. Richard Stevens, Bill Fenner, Andrew M. Rudoff 2004

  2. Essential Apache for web professionals
    • Call #: 510.78P A639Ha
    by Scott Hawkins 2002 ISBN 0130649309
  3. Webmaster's building Internet database servers with CGI
    • Call #: 510.78 C425Ro
    by Jeff Rowe 1996 ISBN 1562055739

  4. Home Wireless Networking in a snap
    • Call#: 621.3845 H116
    by Joe Habraken 2006 ISBN 0672327023

  5. UNIX system administration : a beginner's guide
    • Call#: 510.78S U61Max
    by Steve Maxwell 2002

  6. The little Mac OS X book : OSX version 10.1
    • Call #: 510.78S M113Wi 2002
    by Robin Williams
Tags: books, computers, networking

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